Nashik Grapes is home to the world for quality grapes!

Trusted by the world Nashik Grapes We export globally , is the right choice for all your export needs! Simply put, we are the most complete and trusted Ethics First! source of Nashik Grapes for all varieties – be it Thompson seedless or Flame Seedless!

All About Nashik Grapes

We work with 100s of quality grape growers in Nashik region. We are working with small and marginal farmers helping them at every stage of farming. It’s the love for farming We just love farming! , that got us here today! We just do’t produce quality grapes but we take care of the grapes as our family members – with love and passion. We know what YOU want and we grow as per the best international standards – following all Food Safety norms. We are here to serve you for life!

  • Quality Commitment
  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Business Run by Farmers and Technocrats
  • Trustworthy People
  • Here to Serve You for Life

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Who Are We?

We are not just traders or suppliers of grapes – We know food! We’ve built our careers, our businesses, our lives, around food and food-related industries. We have a passion for food and that passion drives us to create new and better ways of growing, producing, developing, packaging, distributing and consuming food.

We know product development and innovation, product safety, product testing, and product marketing. We know the importance of product protection and insulation against competition. We are immersed in all elements from farm-to-fork.
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Nashik Grapes is Home to Best Quality Grapes!

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